5 Ways to Navigate 
 Nurse Burnout
(For nurses experiencing overwhelm and burnout)
Download my 5 ways to navigate nurse burnout and get your hands on my the TOP tools to help you become empowered , confident and in control.
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 With My 5 Ways To Navigate Nurse Burnout, I'll Show You:

How to own the day before it owns you
How implenting a few simple steps before you start your shift will positively impact you
Packing plenty of healthy snacks is key before starting your shift
PUT your own oxygen masK on first! 
pun intended ;-)
Why it's important to check in with yourself before embarking on your shift and the benefits this simple tool has
I'll reveal why this is an important part of your shift that helps reduce the overwhelm

Studies show that by creating a simple morning routine will not only maximize your productivity and organization, but will upgrade your health, happiness and feelings of aliveness!
Brain fog and tiredness is directly related to how we do and don't nourish our bodies.  As a nurse we are on our feet for 8, 10 or 12 hours at at time, constantly assessing, prioritizing and making important decisions for our patients. 
Hi, I'm Michelle Gordon

AKA The Healthy Happy Nurse! As a nurse of 23 years I know first hand the stressors we experience in our profession and the toll it can take on our physical and mental well being.  Not to mention the flow on effect that it has on our very own family.

I get it!  In 2016 I experienced the depths of burnout, I was exhausted every single day, I had forgotten what lit up my soul outside of work, and I was constantly racing around the thoughts in my mind.

My 5 ways to navigate nurse burnout was responsible for guiding my through the depths of burnout, that has helped me and so many nurses take back control, feel empowered and energized.

Without it you will feel lost in the overwhelm and frustration that many of us feel during our career.  With it, you'll approach each shift feeling confident, empowered, and energized, leaving you with a deep sense of personal and professional accomplishment. 

Here's to taking back control and feeling energized. 

Michelle XX

WHAT ACTUAL CLIENTS Have To Say About Michelle

"Working with Michelle has helped me consolidate my knowledge and growth already in progress and has allowed me to expand upon this to continue to grow and learn, and in doing so I am living my best life!" 


"The best investment in you, you could ever make! Thank you Michelle for offering this, I will forever be grateful for what I have learnt through your programs" 

"I can so totally see the changes within myself and my mindset.  I can so clearly see the growth and improvement.  Step by step I am getting there, I can see and feel the progress within myself and I love it"

Taking Back Control, Feeling Empowered and Energized is Just A Click Away.....
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