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A Letter to My Younger Nurse Self

August 22, 20231 min read

Hey you,

Stop being so damn hard on yourself. I know you’re trying to prove yourself, but you don’t have to…

I just wish you could see what an amazing nurse you already are 😞.

Listen up! There is no rush, there is competition so take your time. Working harder, working more shifts, studying 3 more degrees or more overtime isn’t the answer.

Work on your self-worth and confidence and you’ll shine ✨.

And you need to trust yourself, trust in that inner nurse instinct and your intuition. You’ll save so many lives when you do ❤️.

Oh and you don’t HAVE to be an ED nurse or an ICU nurse to be a REAL nurse. You have your degree 📜 so whatever area you work in - own it girl.

Be sure to prioritize your own self-care, ok? This is important, I really want you to tap into what’s important to you, what are your non negotiables and to always be checking in with where your energy is at.

And don’t try and do it all! Mum life, gourmet meals, working full time, shift work- trust me on this.

Outsource and get some help OR work part time!

Lastly you CAN feel good, be happy, love yourself and your job.

It is all available to you when you DECIDE that burnout and overwhelm is not for you.

Now go be amazing girl 🤩

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